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How Waxing Damages Your Skin

Never Wax Your Face

Did you know that every time you wax you are actually causing trauma to your skin? This is why you get the red bumps and in-grown hairs after a waxing.

When hot wax is applied to your skin, the intense heat causes the wax to not only stick to your hair, but also to your skin. And worse yet, if your skin has any tiny fractures or similar damage, the hot wax will firmly attach to the damaged area as well. When that strip is ripped off … so is your skin. The reason why it hurts so much is because of the significant damage being done to your body. The more you wax, the more damage is done which will force your body to protect itself similar to getting a callus. This is not the path to having healthy glowing skin! This is why we do not provide waxing treatments at Vitalglow. So my suggestion to you is to stop waxing ladies.

Here is what I do and have done for years. It is an old Egyptian method that has been around for centuries. This method is called Sugaring and we provide the service at Vitalglow. What is it you may ask? It is lemon and sugar mixed together to create a ball of sticky substance. This substance is not heated and does not stick to the skin like waxing does. It only attaches to the hair and will break the hair follicle down over time with treatments. It also is much less painful because the aesthetician can pull the sugar off in the direction the hair is growing as opposed to against it. The result is a silky-smooth result with no redness, bumps or ingrown hairs.


Alexandra Sugar Scrub