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Know More About Cellulite

Know More About Cellulite

To some it looks like cottage cheese, to others like an orange peel, but either way, no one wants it showing on their body. It affects women more than men and is primarily found on the upper thighs, buttocks, and around the waistline. This dimply looking skin formation is referred to as cellulite.

So what is Cellulite?

In simple terms, cellulite is fat found just beneath the surface of the skin that’s bulging out through a web of connective tissue. Picture a fishing net holding a water balloon. If the holes in the net are small, the balloon’s surface will be smooth. If the holes in the net are larger or the balloon is enlarged by adding more water, the balloon’s surface will begin to push through the net creating a dimple-like formation on its surface.

When we are young, our connective tissue (mostly made up of collagen), easily holds in the fat, but as we age and especially as we gain and lose weight, the collagen is stretched and damaged so that it is much less effective at holding in the fat below the surface. When it cannot properly contain the fat, you end up with dimply skin.

Cellulite is Still a Mystery?

Science is still trying to unfold the mysteries as to why some people get it more than others and as to why it only appears on certain areas of the body and primarily on women. But many agree that fluctuations in weight gain can magnify its effects. It is also thought to be influenced by hormones and genetics. New studies are revealing that our fat cells are not only useful for storing energy, but also in influencing hormone production. So the larger the fat cell or the greater the number of fat cells, the greater the chance for hormonal influence. This may be why obese people have more health problems and often more cellulite.

Ok, so what can we do about it?

Are we stuck with it? Is there hope? Yes, to both. There is no cure for cellulite. If you have it, you will have it for the rest of your life. However, there are several things that can be done to diminish its appearance.

First, lose weight naturally and maintain a healthy body fat percentage. Think of it as, the smaller the water balloon, the less force it will put on the net and the less it will bulge out of the net. And remember, as we age the net weakens, so keeping the weight off is essential. Gaining weight with age will only exacerbate your situation; weaker net, larger balloon, more dimples!

Second, consistent exercise. There is no better cure for, well, every aliment, than good old exercise. Doesn’t need to be at a gym, can be anything that gets your body going. The key is consistency. Once a week or twice every other week won’t cut it. Keep it simple so you can keep it consistent. Find something you enjoy and be yourself.

Third, modern technology. New technology has given us treatments that can do two things well. One, shrink the size of fat cells and two, encourage the growth and strength of collagen. Hey, that sounds like both shrinking the balloon and making the net stronger at the same time which will make for less dimples! Yeah, that is the case.

Vitalglow Reaction Cellulite Treatments

At Vitalglow, we have our Reaction treatments which can greatly reduce the visual signs of cellulite. The Reaction treatment seeks to strengthen collagen, encourage new collagen growth, and shrink the size of the fat cells. And with its patented technology, it combines vacuum therapy with the treatment so that deeper areas can be treated, such as the thighs, buttocks, and waistline areas.

There is no solution to remove cellulite, but we can greatly reduce the visual signs of it.

Interested in learning more? No problem. Send us an email, give us a call, or even stop by the clinic for our always free Complexion Perfection consultation.