Laser Hair Removal

prowave lx laser hair removal

Be Hair Free in as Little as 6 to 8 Treatments

ProWave LX Laser Hair Removal Now Available

laser-hair-removal-girls-legsVitalglow is pleased to now offer you an even better laser hair removal system. Welcome the Cutera ProWave LX™ hair removal system. No more painful waxing, electrolysis or razors! The ProWave LX delivers the absolute latest in laser hair removal technology available today.

80% Hair Reduction in Three Treatments

All laser hair removal methods require multiple treatments to fully remove your unwanted hair. But with our ProWave LX laser, you will see immediate results! You will have 80% permanent hair reduction after only three treatments!

Area Number of Treatments
legs, arms, body
6 to 8
face, pelvic, underarms
6 to 8
all areas*
7 to 9
*men produce testosterone and require more treatments than women
*results will vary depending on your body’s dynamics

Less Treatments and New Technology Equals Savings

laser-hair-removal-laserThere are many laser hair removal treatments available on the market and it certainly can be confusing. But keep this in mind when you are making your choice. If you are receiving more than ten treatments or you find that you have almost no hair reduction after five treatments, you should start asking questions.

Compares the average cost of laser hair reduction on the legs.

Full Leg Treatment Comparison Competition (avg) Vitalglow VIP
Number of Treatments 10+ 6
Total Cost $1000+ $816
Hair Reduction Percentage 60-70% 80+%

No Hair Loss if Your Treatments Are Not Scheduled Correctly

If laser hair removal is performed at the wrong time during your hair growth cycle, you will have no hair reduction and the treatment will be completely waisted. The hair growth cycle plays a major role in your laser hair removal treatment. The average person can have as many as 2000 hair follicles per square inch but less than 100 of those hairs will be showing at any given time. And if the hairs are not visible, their follicles cannot be treated. This is why it is not possible to achieve permanent hair reduction in just one or two treatments. Your laser hair removal sessions must coincide with the timing of your personal hair growth cycle as determined by your treatment plan and you must be treated according to that plan.

Timing also depends on body parts and gender. But a simple rule to know is you should never have less than six weeks between treatments. If your provider is having you come in more often, buyer beware, your skin doesn’t operate that way.