Neck ReLift

neck and jowl rejuvenation

Reverse Gravity

Non-Surgical Neck and Jowl Treatment

One day I looked in the mirror and did a double take! How is it that I feel so young but look like my mother?!” asked R., a patient who has had the ReLift treatment. “ReLift has allowed me to feel good about my age, without dreading my reflection. Thanks to the easy, painless treatments with Reaction™, my neck looks tighter and thinner.”

Age, gravity and genetics play a natural role in skin conditions. Effects include sagging skin and localized fat along the neck and jowl lines. While traditionally this condition has been addressed only by surgical procedures, the ReLift skin tightening treatment offers a non-invasive solution that painlessly and effectively targets the cheeks, jowl lines and necks of patients who want to restore or remodel their lower face, without the expense, pain or risk of surgical procedures.